Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

Drive efficient sourcing within any organization through applying the highly successful concepts and methods used in IKEA.


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08 Mar 2015







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Magnus Carlsson

Has twenty-five years' experience as a strategic sourcing expert at IKEA. He developed and led the implementation of IKEA's purchasing strategy, which included category-based sourcing. He was responsible for the strategic sourcing of IKEA's global textile, metal and veneer businesses, as well as component and raw material procurement. He is currently a lecturer, trainer and adviser in strategic sourcing and category management.

Strategic Sourcing and Category Management examines how category management works in practice, drawing insight from IKEA. With over twenty-five years’ experience of purchasing at IKEA, Magnus Carlsson shares the wisdom gained from devising and executing IKEA’s highly successful purchasing strategies. The text is supported by insightful interviews and case studies, which are compared and contrasted with examples from other leading companies.

Strategic Sourcing and Category Management answers three critical questions:
-When is category management a profitable method and why?
-How do category teams create real results?
-How can category management be organized and implemented effectively?

In answering these three questions, Magnus Carlsson not only presents the guiding principles behind category based sourcing, he also demonstrates how category based sourcing can effectively be implemented in practice and provides guidance on how to realise the benefits of this approach. Cleverly connecting theory and practice, the book draws upon existing and new tools, and applies them in a highly practical context. With application spanning far beyond IKEA, this book is an invaluable resource for procurement professionals in any industry.

Strategic Sourcing and Category Management is the result of twenty five years’ experience of Strategic Sourcing within IKEA and collaboration with several companies and the Stockholm School of Economics.

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    IKEA’s strategic sourcing methods might not work for every company, but they certainly have a broad reach that goes far beyond the furniture retail niche. This book can help you discover if a category management program is a profitable choice for your organization. And if it is, you’ll gain valuable advice and examples of setup and implementation from a real-world practitioner…Connecting theory with practice, the book draws upon existing practices and new tools to explain category-based sourcing, and how to effectively implement it.

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    Magnus Carlsson owns [has] an exceptional knowledge in purchasing and in creating strategies.

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    I think this book is fantastic – full of great new ideas and ways to implement them. Strategic Sourcing and Category Management: Lessons Learned at IKEA will improve the maturity and results of your procurement organization. It explores themes such as influence vs. power and market diagnosis that should be read and considered by mature procurement organizations for the sake of their results and supplier relationships.

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    A procurement book that is both philosophically interesting but also as practical and grounded as any I have ever read; it is a hands-on guide…This is another highly recommend book from publishers Kogan Page, and essential reading for anyone who is serious about procurement

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    I like the book – no, I love it! Good structure and incredibly deep, but written in a simple way with very relevant examples of the described theory. For me, this book offers a new level – still in a simple way that makes me want to learn more and in a way that makes me anxious to try out my new theoretical knowledge.

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    I can really recommend this book. It’s an excellent description of how to design processes and a competent organisation to create value in a supply chain.

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